People are either the most powerful point of protection for internal security or the single weakest link.

Continuous Staff Training

Unsuspecting employees ensure the success of 70% of all cyber-attacks by unknowingly providing their access credentials to hackers.

Avoid accidental breaches with continuous training and education. AspenHSC protects your organization from massive fines and irreparable damage to your reputation!

Our continuous cyber education and awareness platform will keep you informed of the vulnerabilities and risks your business faces and will arm your entire staff with the knowledge needed to protect your organization from inside your network.

We provide ongoing staff and administration training and testing with user friendly, self-guided, videos and quizzes to ensure acute awareness of threats.

Comprehensive cyber education equips your employees with the skills needed to recognize avoid cybercrime.

Ongoing phishing simulations and email exposure scans asses and document employees’ awareness of threats.

Comprehinsive policy and procedure distribution, and acknowledgement ensures that your entire organization is aware of the same set of rules.

An “army” of educated and alert people working behind the firewall is the most powerful threat protection you can have. It's critical to concentrate on “the people” part of the security and compliance equation. Protected health information is accessible by nearly every employee in most healthcare organizations.

Best practices to prevent cyber security threats go beyond keeping stringent control of patient information and who has access to it.

Today’s healthcare environment requires raising awareness of threats, reinforcing comprehension of the consequences of a data breach, and providing automated, routine reminders that fit into the weekly workflow to keep people vigilant.

Top Cause of Security Incidents

Research and studies show that more than 70% of cyber security incidents today are the result of internal security issues caused by employees that no firewall or antivirus can prevent.

Studies show that 22% of businesses have experienced a breach, resulting form a phishing attack, and the frequiency is increasing rapidly.

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