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Network Monitoring & Reporting

Continuous Network Monitoring ensures uncompromised security by identifying protocols needed to protect against both known and emerging threats to your security posture.

Automated Reporting, Recommendations, and Documentation equip IT departments to rapidly respond to security vulnerabilities.

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Continuous Staff Training

70% of all cyber attacks are successfully executed with information stolen from employees who unwittingly give away their system ID and access credentials to hackers. AspenHSC's ongoing training will help protect your organization from massive fines and irreparable damage to your reputation.

Our best-in-class cyber education and awareness platform will help you understand the vulnerabilities and risks your business faces and will arm your staff and administration with the knowledge and tools to protect your organization.

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Continuous Cyber Attack Simulations

You never know how prepared you are for a cyber attack until you simulate one and assess where your security holes might be.

Almost all cyber attacks come through “phishing,” or the sending of emails that trick someone in your organization into clicking on a malicious link and opening the door to your system from the inside.

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Business Associates HIPAA Compliance

Business Associates are increasingly one of the most dangerous segments of a healthcare organization’s cyber security.

High-profile breaches involving business associates are becoming daily headlines. Business Associates are held to the same rules as the covered entity because the threat risk is just as real for them.

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Ongoing Security& Compliance Program

24/7 Internal Threat Prevention, Monitoring & Alerts

Sentinel Overwatch Hardware for Detecting Anomalies and Suspect Events

Monthly Security Status Reports and Quarterly Reviews with Management

Documentation of Threat Risk and Improvement Priorities

Ongoing Attempted Breach Simulations via Phishing

Comprehensive Documentation of Simulations

Centralized Document Repository for Compliance Record Keeping

Automated Employee Security Training and Testing

Documentation of Employee Training & Comprehension

Anual Review of Business Associates Agreements, and Management of Certification Validation

Onsite Security Risk and Compliance Analysis

  • Physical Inspection of Premises
  • Onsite Set-up of Sentinel Overwatch Hardware
  • Analysis of Computer Network Systems, Connected Devices & Employee User Accounts
  • Policy and Procedures Review with Recommended Updates
  • Presentation of Findings
  • Complete HIPAA Compliance Documentation