Automate Your HIPAA Compliant Risk Assessments and Strengthen Your Security Risk Management with Continuous Monitoring and Reporting.

Prevent intentional and accidental breaches with 24/7/365 visability of your entire networks exposure.

Network Monitoring

Continuous Network Monitoring ensures uncompromised security by identifying protocols needed to protect against both known and emerging threats to your security posture.

Continuous, Automated Vulnerability Scans protect ePHI and clinical data from ever-increasing threats.
Review of Logins and Relative Event Logs on every computer and device in your organization. 
Real-time detection and notification of anomalies and suspect events on your network.
Collects data from transient and stand-alone machines.
Regardless of the source, data is scanned, and automatically assembles and combines everything into a single data set to give you fully integrated reports.


Automated Reporting, Recommendations, and Documentation equip IT departments to rapidly respond to security vulnerabilities. Monthly Executive Summaries are generated for board review.

Monthly Mitigation Plans assign priority levels to create recommendations based on the security risks present in your network.
HIPAA Policy & Procedure recommendations are generated based on your security vulnerability score determined by your risk assessment.
Monthly Executive Summaries ensure complete visibility into the action being taken to address security vulnerabilities.

24/7 Breach Event Hotline keeps security experts available to you to resolve any network security issue.

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