Business Associates are increasingly one of the most dangerous segments of a healthcare organization’s cyber security.

Business Associates

High-profile breaches, involving business associates, are becoming daily headlines. This serious vulnerability has emerged as one of the most efficient methods of executing an attack.

Without proper policies and procedures, your organization is exposed to serious risk and could encounter staggering fines and penalties.

"Massive Quest Diagnostics data breach impacts 12 million patients"

By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day/
June 4, 2019

Healthcare organizations are responsible for ensuring that all of their Business Associates are HIPAA compliant and inguaged in a healthy cybersecurity effort to protect against all threats.

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Initial review of all Business Associate to ensure that all have signed a Business Associates Agreement
Initial review of all Business Associates HIPAA Compliance documentation
Ongoing review of new Business Associates HIPAA compliance and Business Associates Agreements
Implement a plan to assist any Business Associate that lacks the required HIPAA compliance

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